Unbelievable Freedom Books was founded by Kim Smith after the success of her motivational memoir Unbelievable Freedom, co-authored with her husband Ryan in 2018. That book's journey showed her the magic of combining inspirational stories with transformational habits.

The Unbelievable Freedom collection now includes the original memoir, a devotional-style book of Contemplations (Unmired), 14 workbooks and 2 journals with more coming soon.


"Kim and Ryan Smith have filled a gap in the intermittent fasting world with heart and soul. There are a lot of "experts" out there, and you can find them on YouTube, in various Facebook groups, podcasts, and, increasingly, in the mainstream media. Some are great; some, not so much. This book is different. The authors know readers will find breadth of information elsewhere. They give us depth, in a highly readable, breathtakingly sincere telling of their personal journeys."

Unbelievable Freedom is a mindset. It's about recognizing which parts of our struggles are self-created.

By looking through this new lens, we can un-create struggle and release weight from mind, body, and spirit.