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But what is Unbelievable Freedom?

Unbelievable Freedom is the name of a small company producing books & products to support Habit Creation in three areas: fasting, contentment, and transformation. We named the business after a motivational memoir about our 200-pound weight loss. The weight loss was one aspect of a total transformation, and there were two major practices that supported our change: fasting and contentment.

Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating that supports health and wellness in a number of ways. You can learn more about it by clicking on Fasting above. There are a number of methods, and even more teachers and influencers, but this website will show you the basics of how we practiced fasting during our transformation and the way we live the lifestyle to this day.

Contentment as a practice is a bit more nebulous, but I've organized it into a simple, 5-Habit framework called "Poster Girl Habits." There's more information about my habits and their outcomes if you click on Contentment above.

The final area of information on this site is about the transformation that me and my husband Ryan have experienced. It's several years in the making, and our dramatic weight loss photos are only a small piece of the story. We invite you to learn a little more about us and why we are so passionate about these topics.

Unbelievable Freedom can be yours, too. Believe!

The Unbelievable Freedom Books are a collection of workbook-style Habit Creation Guides. They cover topics relating to freedom through health, happiness, and transformation.

Kim Smith's grandmother continually encouraged her with the words Enjoy Your Life. We hope these books will support your enjoyment of life and your experience of Unbelievable Freedom.

"Kim and Ryan Smith have filled a gap in the intermittent fasting world with heart and soul. There are a lot of "experts" out there, and you can find them on YouTube, in various Facebook groups, podcasts, and, increasingly, in the mainstream media. Some are great; some, not so much. This book is different. The authors know readers will find breadth of information elsewhere. They give us depth, in a highly readable, breathtakingly sincere telling of their personal journeys."

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