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Hi! I'm Kim. I'm an author who began my writing career with bestselling weight loss memoir Unbelievable Freedom: How We Transformed Our Health & Happiness With Intermittent Fasting, co-authored with my husband Ryan. It was a thrill to inspire people around the globe with our health transformation journey. My real story, however, isn't about a physical change but a full spiritual transfiguration. My late grandmother invited me into miraculous possibility with just 3 words, "Enjoy Your Life." This prompted a pursuit that brought me back to God and my birthrights, joy and freedom. My newest book by the same title shares how it all unfolded. In addition to sharing my own story, I founded Unbelievable Freedom Books. We curate original content in addition to offering book-packaging services. Our mission is to pass Gram's words on to freedom-seeking readers everywhere.


"Kim and Ryan Smith have filled a gap in the intermittent fasting world with heart and soul. There are a lot of "experts" out there, and you can find them on YouTube, in various Facebook groups, podcasts, and, increasingly, in the mainstream media. Some are great; some, not so much. This book is different. The authors know readers will find breadth of information elsewhere. They give us depth, in a highly readable, breathtakingly sincere telling of their personal journeys."

Unbelievable Freedom is a mindset. It's about recognizing which parts of our struggles are self-created.

By looking through this new lens, we can un-create struggle and release weight from mind, body, and spirit.