Kim: Keep Your Eyes On Your Own…

In Gin Stephens’ Facebook group that supports Delay, Don’t Deny, she uses the expression “Keep your eyes on your own plate.” It is a playful reference to her history as an elementary school teacher, and a reminder that we are all adults, capable of making informed decisions about the kind of food we want to eat or not eat.  It’s great advice.  You don’t need to judge what others are eating, and you don’t need to compare your food to theirs, other than to get ideas/inspiration.

I was thinking about yoga and it came into my mind, “Keep your eyes on your own mat.”  The instructor hasn’t used those words (and truly, being able to glance at a peer has helped keep me in the flow of practice!) but the spirit is there.  You aren’t in class to compete with someone else’s practice, but to develop your own, at your pace and in your way.  So, “keep your eyes on your own mat” would serve the same point, to discourage judgment or comparisons.  It grounds you in the uniqueness of your particular yoga path.

Then today, someone in our Facebook group said she hoped to have weight-loss results similar to mine, but added that she would want to do it in her own unique way.  YES!  Praise hands went up for me.  I’m very happy to inspire others; in fact, I’m making a whole career around developing products and services to use my story to do just that.  But, my path is uniquely mine and figuring that out made all the difference.  When I finally stopped making comparisons between my life and everyone else’s, or my life and the one I thought I was supposed to have, things began to fall into place.

So, keep your eyes on your own plate.  Keep your eyes on your own mat.  And keep your eyes on your own journey!  When you figure out that you are here for a divine and unique life experience, you’ll be ready to trust *your* body, honor *your* spirit, and enjoy *your* life.