Kim: Long Live Hashtags

Hashtags. I loved them before they were cool, while they were cool, and now that they’ve fallen out of favor. I occasionally speak in hashtags and I refuse to apologize for this fact. In fact, #NoShameInMyGame is one of my all-time favorite hashtags to use.

I’ve talked about the pervasive shame I struggled with before I became Unmired. I was vaguely ashamed of my sensitivity. When we were kids, my brother caught a frog and kept it in an aquarium and I was heartbroken when it died. I could only think of how much happier it would have been being free, and wondered if it suffered and where its family was. Because I didn’t see my perspective or my insights as gifts, I tried to stuff them down like hiding something under a couch cushion. I was embarrassed to be crying over a dead frog, and I wanted to be seen as normal and valuable.

I was a good student from the get go, so I put my focus on that skillset. I was not and am not brilliant, but I’m bright and I was good at figuring out what teachers expected and delivering it to them. I admired my teachers and thrived under their approval, but being a “good student” also sent me down a path of trying to do things that didn’t honor my gifts. I got so tangled up trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be that I got lost along the way.

It’s a thrill to finally live as my true self at 45 years old. It’s not just letting go of shame about my sensitivity or my often-unusual perspectives on life and the world. It’s embracing them and recognizing that I was made this way for a reason, so I can proudly show up as myself in any & all situations. It feels like freedom.

As I’ve said in this blog and my books, it’s fasting that set me free. It’s the ultimate lesson in self reliance. It’s the ultimate encouragement to listen to and live by inner authority. It shines a bright light on lies you’ve internalized from your past, from the diet industry, from society at large.

So yes, there is #NoShameInMyHashtagGame #NorInMyFastingGame. I am gratefully #Unmired and living in #UnbelievableFreedom. I encourage you to get started by checking out #DelayDontDeny.  It is where I started.  The link is here on our IF reading list, and it can help you find more freedom, too.