Trust Your Body

The first focus is Trust Your Body, and yes, these are the fasting books! We are biased. Fasting has transformed our health, and we can't help but want to spread the message.

Fasting is the Foundation

Ryan Smith wrote this workbook-style Habit Guide to describe how fasting has become a foundation for his other health practices. He shares how this has impacted not only his weight, but his holistic health. It was written for men but has value for any reader.

Fasting With Fervor

This Habit Guide was written by Susannah Juteau, who is a registered dietitian as well as an intermittent faster. Susannah highlights 30 aspects of the fasting lifestyle to fall in love with so that fasting becomes a lifetime love affair.

Fasting Feasting Freedom

This is the original book in the series. It's Kim Smith's motivational email series bound into a book. It features 33 messages to support and reinforce creating fasting as a habit, and finding freedom in the process.

Celebrating Your Vibrant Future

Health coach Laurie Lewis shares how she used intermittent fasting to transform her health after menopause knocked her for a loop. This Habit Guide contains 12 weeks of supportive, specific coaching for establishing a fasting practice that's sustainable from 44 to Forever!

Mobilize Your Mindset

The second group of Unbelievable Freedom Habit Guides focus on Mobilize Your Mindset. They all discuss "thought management" or taking control of your thoughts to create change in your life. They aren't fasting books, though mindset is a huge part of long term fasting success.

The Liberated Self

This workbook was written by clinical social worker Paula Cookson. It explains how you have to shift your mindset to one that is self-advocating and self-honoring if you want better relationships. By communicating clearly from that mindset, you can experience more satisfying relationships with self and others.

Script a New Life

In addition to original art on the cover, this Habit Guide features Tam Veilleux's perspective on taking the mindset of your own life's writer-director. If you want to live a different kind of life, you have to rewrite the script.

A Superhero You

Barbara Anne Cookson, the Superhero Speaker, outlines her framework for activating your inner superpowers. It's a personal empowerment mindset that will change how you approach every aspect of your world.

Honor Your Spirit

For the third focus, we arrive at Honor Your Spirit. These are the habit guides focused on your emotional life and understanding your inner intuition and voice.

The Flow Lane

The Flow Lane is about how author Lynn Robinson put the Law of Attraction to work in her own life. It's a testimonial on raising your personal vibration and offers Lynn's own practices in an easy, actionable format.

Poster Girl Habits

This is Kim Smith's 2nd Habit Guide and it covers the "5 E's", what she calls her five contentment habits. Learn how layering ENERGY, EXPECTATION, EASY DELIGHTS, EVERYDAY RITUALS, and EDITING can create contentment flow for you.

Stop. Drop. Tap!

This is Tam Veilleux's 2nd work in the series and it truly is an emotional detox book. Through the scripts provide, readers can learn EFT or "tapping" to create more confidence and clarity in their day-to-day lives.

Enjoy Your Life

The final bundle of workbooks focuses on Enjoy Your Life, which is the broadest category and includes any and all aspects of your work, family, and relationships.

Embracing Next

The final book in the Enjoy Your Life series is Kim Smith's most recent contribution. It is divided into three parts: Reframe, Refocus, and Refeather. It's meant to help transform a challenging transition into a joyful, hopeful one.


For more information about The Workbook Project and independent publishing through Unbelievable Freedom Books, please contact Kim.