Body Trust Is a Two-Way Street


Trust Your Body is a part of my new tagline.  Living in a state of trust with your body allows you to make positive, intentional choices around fasting and feasting, and it lets the energy of your life be one of peace, not fear.  It’s an alignment with your body, a believing that if you do your part and take good care of it, it will do its part: namely, operate in a state of good health and not store excess weight you don’t want to carry.

Many of us are rebounding from years of dieting, healing not just physically, but psychologically.  We are recovering from the deep distrust that resulted from continually  launching into the next craze, only to be let down again.  Those old external authorities, the diet industry, the marketers, the companies, they could not be trusted.  They came to stand between us and our bodies. They created a deep disruption in the natural trust a person should have with their body, but it absolutely can be restored.

But as begin to trust your body, what about IT trusting YOU?  It is the flip side of the same important coin.  Your body needs to know you are going to be there continuing to do your part so that it continue to do its part.  You have to let go of the old restrictive ways of thinking. If you have food intolerances, of course, you will honor those, but the other “old ways”, any old low-fat or low-carb or calorie-counting ways that were programmed in by your pre-fasting life, those need to be relinquished. Odds are that they were part of trying to resist and force your body, rather than working in harmony with it.  You don’t need them anymore.

Likewise, your fasting should be gentle and restorative.  I don’t write in my email mentoring series about alternate-day or extended fasting because they are not fasting regimens I have practiced, but they are legitimate ones.  If you decide to proceed with these protocols, make sure you are doing it because your body has given you signs that it needs more fasting or a different approach.  Do not do it forcefully or as a way of imposing a controlling agenda on your body.

When you eat in a rich, satisfying way in between every fast, the body knows that it is going to be well taken care of.  It has nothing to worry about or fear. It can release toxins, inflammation, excess weight. It can stay in a state of deep well being.  My body is sure that I’m looking out for it, that I will fast when it needs and I will eat the right things when it needs.  My body trusts me.  Does yours?