Why enroll in an email mentoring series?

I hold a Masters in Human Development and my own phenomenal success with intermittent fasting, but my best attributes are that I'm a writer and a natural encourager. I know the doubts that arise and the obstacles that you encounter, and I'm there daily with words of encouragement and motivation. I will walk you through your first 33 clean fasts, which is the key to getting into a consistent fasting zone for success. People tell me that they read these emails over and over for the support it gives them in honing their mindset.

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My signature 33-day email series is called Fasting Foundations, and you can enroll for just $22. Enrollment is ongoing through each week until Sunday at noon EST, and the program begins each Monday morning. Use this button to pay and enroll, and I will be in your inbox for 33 days starting next Monday. From there, an email packed with wisdom and insight for your IF journey will arrive every single morning for 33 days.