Kim: A Dab Won't Do Ya

Early fall arrives in Maine sooner than it arrives on the calendar, and we've already had some frosty mornings, so today's warm sun and moderate temperatures were welcome for my walk.  Down by the river, I stood on a flat rock with my face upturned, nothing but the warmth and the sound of rushing water for several minutes.  My mind was clear and empty other than the occasional thought that flitted up against the edges like moth wings on a window screen.

THIS!  This feeling, this peace is why people meditate.  That expansive freedom that you feel when you are fully present in the moment, alive and aware, no burden of thoughts pulling you elsewhere.  So do I meditate?  Well, I dabble.

I've gone through periods of doing guided meditation tapes.  At times I just sit without pressure on myself to call it "meditation."  I have the Headspace app, and when I can't sleep, I might play a calming meditation to wind down.  Like I said, I dabble.

When it comes to my fasting, I don't dabble.  I do it every single day and have since the day I began my practice in May 2017.  It's second nature to me now.  It's a part of me.  This is how some people feel about their exercise.  It's how Ryan is with his yoga practice, which he does 6-7 days a week, week in and week out.

Many people in my life who've been introduced to the concept of fasting have dabbled.  They fast for a few days, then "take a break" or put it on a back burner.  I see the same in people in my groups online - they fast a few days, then move away from it, then return, then drift again.  They do the hard part over and over.  

The dabbling isn't just ineffective in creating the transformative health results that fasting can bring.  It's dangerous and destructive.  It creates a narrative that fasting is difficult, depriving, unpleasant. It drives false, limiting beliefs about what fasting is and how it works.

Consistency and contentment are my two secret weapons.  They are the reasons I've had phenomenal results from fasting.  Replace dabbling with consistency and be amazed.

Now, to bring that spirit to my meditation practice.....