Kim: Following the Flow

A few years ago, I was really anxious about social situations.  I avoided most and was distinctly uncomfortable in those I could not deflect.  Was it true social anxiety, or was I just an introverted person who hit a long rough patch in life, lost confidence and got a bit rusty on the social scene groove?  I'm not sure, but I know I agonized about things like volunteering to help at a school craft fair or small dinner party at a coworker's house.

Now, I've traveled extensively and spontaneously, including hopping a plane to stay at the home I've someone I've never met in person.  I've put a memoir about my life into the world, something I was reminded yesterday that some women have contemplated for decades without taking the plunge.

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Maine Women's Conference at a vendor booth, promoting my books and habit-creation products.  It was a wonderfully energized day of meeting amazing women, sharing snippets of my journey, and being inspired to dream bigger.  

Today, as I tend to do, I ask myself how and why the Conference was such a success, and the answer is simple: by staying in the flow of contentment.  I stay in flow by practicing my Poster Girl Habits, and I used every single one on this trip.

ENERGY:  I ate dinner at the hotel bar and made the unconventional choice of a large hummus plate as my meal - my body wanted something vegetarian but substantial - a large plate of hummus, pesto, olives, feta, fresh veggies, and pita bread fit that bill.  I had one glass of wine - not two.  I had a slice of cheesecake because I intuitively knew I needed a wallop of fat to close off the window and fast through the busy next day.  I went to bed at a decent hour.  All these things keep me feeling good and give me the Poster Girl vibe I want.

EXPECTATION:  I was telling myself a story from the time I put my duffel bag in the car, one about how the conference would be fun, I'd meet interesting people, see new things, and enjoy myself.  This is the running story I carry into situations old and new, and it keeps my mind light.  It helps me override old narratives and the distraction of negativity.  It keeps me on the lookout for confirmation that the story's true, and I always find it!

EASY DELIGHTS:  My continual centerpiece, and it's extra easy when I travel in new circles.  From the sight of an art student working in pen and ink, to my charming Victorian hotel with its old-fashioned wallpaper & antique light fixtures, to the white-haired ladies drinking apple martinis & flirting with the bartender, they were everywhere I looked. Collecting Easy Delights keeps my mood bright and holds me in the flow.

EVERYDAY RITUALS:  I have rituals around eating, self-care, gratitude....all so simple and accessible than I can and do practice them everywhere.  They ground me and bring satisfaction in the way they tie life together no matter where I am.

EDITING:  This is the Poster Girl habit that ensures flow in the big picture.  This is a continual self-inquiry where I ask what is helping or hindering my contentment, and figure out what life changes may be needed.  This trip showed me how much I want to travel, how good it is for me to flow in new spaces and collect Easy Delights as I go.  This means I need to make Edits to my work and personal life to incorporate more travel.

Poster Girl Habits truly ARE how I fulfill my grandmother's legacy and enjoy my life in all situations.  I'm so excited about teaching these habits as a Guided Contentment Practice, and I invite you to join us on that journey.  Today is Launch Day, and information is right here on the site under Programs.

Enjoy Your Life!