Kim: Poster Girl for Contentment

Somewhere over the past couple of years, I declared myself the Poster Girl for Contentment. People in my life have witnessed my transformation, but the words came from me. My poster girlhood is entirely "self-proclaimed." I used my grandmother as a contentment role model and developed a set of habits and patterns that ensure I enjoy my life.

Being the Poster Girl for Contentment doesn't mean I spend ALL my time in a deeply blissful, happy place, sniffing wildflowers and communing with songbirds like Snow White.

Being the Poster Girl for Contentment means I DO spend a surprisingly large percentage of my time in a state that bliss-y. And considering how long I struggled to get out of my own way, believe me, it's noteworthy.

Does the Poster Girl ever struggle with food or feel dissatisfied with her body's size and shape? Yes, but not much.

Does the Poster Girl ever argue with her husband? Ever feel frustrated with her children or the dog? Ever lack the meaningful adult friendships she dreamed she'd have by now? Yes, yes, and yes. But none of these things take her out of that unmired Poster Girl flow for long.

My new project is called Poster Girl for Contentment: Habit Guides 1-5. When my vision materializes, they will exist as email guides and printed workbook-style guides. Habit Guide 1, of course, is based on the existing 33-day email series for creating the habit of fasting.

Fasting IS the platform for creating contentment. It is the foundational habit and all others will be layered atop it. Once you create all the habits, you arrive at a place where you scarcely think about food and weight anymore. Your bandwidth is all occupied with self-acceptance and satisfaction. Now THAT is enjoying your life!