Kim: Poster Girl Habits

They say to write what you love, and write what you know.  That is why I increasingly write about contentment as a way of being.  Fasting is the foundation of my contentment, and I've layered it with a few other practices that keep me in a state of contented flow.  I'm calling myself the Poster Girl for Contentment, and the practices the Poster Girl Habits.

This topic is not an interest for everyone who is drawn to fasting.  Some people are looking to make their bodies look a certain way.  Others want to bio-hack, to turbocharge their physicality in pursuit of big feats or adrenaline-fueled adventures.

I was looking for contentment.  Always.  From early life right up until a few years ago, I was seeking that unmired flow.  I believed it existed, but it took a while to master.  And now, I've put it into a bit of a formula that I want to teach to others.

This blog post will serve as my FAQ when people ask about my new program.  If you have curiosity, read on!  I'm super excited about this program and I invite you to consider it.

What is the program called?

Poster Girl Habits:  Guided Contentment Practice

Five Weeks, Five Habits, Limitless Contentment

What are the Poster Girl Habits?


Habit 1: ENERGY

Outcome:  Wellness of Body


Outcome: Lightness of Mind


Outcome: Brightness of Mood


Outcome:  Depth of Satisfaction

Habit 5:  EDITING

Outcome:  Enjoyment of Life

How is the program delivered?
Daily, by email, every morning for five weeks (35 days).  There are daily thought prompts and 1-2 weekly actionable exercises.  You can print the emails to put in a binder or keep a journal, but it's not required.  This Poster Girl loves an oversized, hard-backed spiral notebook, but it's optional.

Who is the program for?
Anyone who sincerely wants more contentment in daily life, especially someone who has completed my original email series, Fasting Foundations.  Anyone who finds a daily email inspiring and motivating (or otherwise likes my writing and wants to practice intentional contentment!).  You do not need to be a person who practices fasting, but it is helpful to understand the fasting worldview from which I write.

Who is the program NOT for?

People who don't like to read, people who don't want to form a daily reflective ritual around reading an email, people who are looking for a weight-loss focused program.  There is information related to body awareness and alignment, but NO material related to weight or the weight-loss process.  And, I suppose, if you already feel deeply contented in your day-to-day life, this may not be of value for you, either!

When does the program launch?

Enrollment for this brand-new program begins on Thursday, 09/19/19.  In the meantime, email me at with any questions!