My Mission

Intermittent fasting: The great interrupter

Intermittent fasting isn't a diet. It's a transformative health practice. What do I mean by that? IF is the great interrupter. It interrupted my:

Body: IF interrupted my self-destruction and invited nurturing.
Mind: IF interrupted my self-criticism and invited confidence.
Spirit: IF interrupted my self-pity and invited gratitude.

IF can interrupt your negative habits and beliefs, making room for positive, transformative practices. Intermittent fasting creates a space in your life that invites true clarity. You can harness this energy to move toward all your goals and dreams. I know because I did it!

Why enroll in an email mentoring series?

I hold a Masters in Human Development and my own phenomenal success with intermittent fasting, but my best attributes are that I'm a writer and a natural encourager. I know the doubts that arise and the obstacles that you encounter, and I'm there daily with words of encouragement and motivation. I will walk you through your first 33 clean fasts, which is the key to getting into a consistent fasting zone for success. People tell me that they read these emails over and over for the support it gives them in honing their mindset.

I have designed a 33 day series of emails based on my Delay, Don't Deny journey.  It's called "Enjoy Your Life:  33 Days of Forming Fasting Rituals." My grandmother's urging to enjoy my life set me on a quest that led me to fasting, which transformed me entirely.  The first 11 days focus on Fasting, the next 11 focus on Feasting, and the final 11 focus on Freedom.  Many have said this email series alongside Gin Stephens' Delay, Don't Deny helped them solidify their fasting rituals, and I invite you to join by clicking the button below.

*Program based on the Delay, Don't Deny Lifestyle.  Content reviewed and approved by Gin Stephens, Author