Kim: My Green Goddess Moment


I haven’t fully decided upon a new blogging structure, but I’m leaning toward blogging tri-weekly under my themes of : Trust Your Body, Honor Your Spirit, Enjoy Your Life.  And what better topic to kick off the theme of enjoying your life than telling you all my green gown story?

A few years ago, I attended an office holiday party.  Lots of men in shirts and ties, women in variations on the little black dress.  I was in the dieting trenches and had lost weight from my heaviest, but I was nowhere near goal, and I was wearing a dressy sweater and slacks.  The sweater was notable because it was an XL from New York & Company, and it was the first time I’d been small enough to purchase something there (it was also the last time, as it promptly went out of business like most of the stores in our mall).

A co-worker stepped into the room wearing a floor-length emerald green gown, and it was a moment that made time stop.  She’s beautiful with dark hair and a flawless complexion, but it was really about that dress.  The dress burned itself into my memory.  I referred to her as the “Green Goddess” and talked about it regularly over the years that followed.  I didn’t consciously think, I wish it was me in that dress, but no doubt my heart made a silent wish that I could wear a dress like that.  I probably wished I was “the kind of person” who got to look that way in a dress on a special occasion.

Eventually I found Delay, Don’t Deny and intermittent fasting, and I exceeded my weight loss goals.  I’ve enjoyed wearing many new clothes and feeling comfortable and attractive in them.  I’m pretty casual, and rarely need formalwear, but when I booked my recent cruise, I was shocked and thrilled to be given THE green gown as a gift by that same co-worker.  The gift touched my heart because it symbolized how far I have come in terms of my weight and my health.

I wore the green dress on the Delay, Don’t Deny cruise on Elegant Night.   I stood in the middle of my new friends toasting with champagne, wearing the exact gown I’d admired on someone else from across a crowded room years earlier.  It was MY green goddess moment, and it was more magical than in my dreams.  The love and support of my Delay, Don’t Deny community has made all the difference in my progress, and there’s no other group of people I would have chosen to share that moment with.

Enjoy your life.  Each time my grandmother spoke those words, they burned into my brain like the image of the green dress.  She may not have been able to imagine me on that cruise, but she wanted me filled with the happiness and satisfaction I felt that night.  Dream your dreams, and believe they can come true.