Kim: Replace the Dial

How many of you are old enough to remember the TVs with a dial for the channel and another for the volume, where the outer part of the dial was a knob that could be slipped off its post?  There's a story in my family that my father would change the channel when it was his little brother's turn to choose a television program, then hide the outer knob so the channel couldn't be turned back.  The same television set lasted well enough to be in my grandmother's living room from my father's childhood until my own.  I remember it clearly.

In my ongoing transformation journey, there's been a central theme:  dialing down the "noise."  The noise came from struggle.  It came from negative thoughts, critical self-talk, and a generally endless story about myself as pitiable and unlucky.  As I've done the work to transform into my true self, that noise has become quieter and quieter.  

I'm amazed at how clearly I hear my inner voice now.  I didn't hear it for many years, and it would be easy to say, I was distracted by the noise of raising my children.  You know, that's true and it isn't.  My children are good-tempered and not particularly rambunctious.  The noise of raising them came, again, from my own worrying, criticism of myself as a mother, and fear-based mindset.  So yes, they're grown and flown from the nest, but that isn't what created the quiet, my mindset shift did.

If you feel distracted by constant noise inside, consider that perhaps the dial isn't broken.  Perhaps it's like that knob hidden away in a pocket.  It may feel stuck on loud and distracting, but you can replace it and seize its power to create quiet.    In that stillness, hear your own voice speaking.  It's beckoning you toward freedom.  I'm sure of it.