The Workbook Project

"Without Kim's leadership, inspiration, and expertise I never would have finished writing my book and had it published. I owe her a debt of gratitude for gently, professionally, and cheerfully moving me along. She made the process clear and ensured my vision was fulfilled.

Kim Smith is a joy to work with, and she is the sharp expert everyone needs to get their book into the world."

- Laurie Lewis
Coach, Course Leader, Author

Imagine yourself tabling at a conference,

but handing out something far more IMPACTFUL than a flyer..

Passing potential clients an attractive, confidence-inspiring workbook! Imagine yourself giving a talk, then gifting something far more ACTIONABLE than a business card.....sharing a workbook that allows participants to put your message into practice.

For scarcely more than the cost of a high-end flier or business card, you can develop and distribute a workbook that encapsulates your voice and vision.

Unbelievable Freedom:

The Workbook Project teaches a framework for distilling a coach's story and habits into a brief, breezy workbook format. The published books can be sold on Amazon, through private websites, or given out as a pretty and powerful client attraction tool. Click the button below to learn more.