Kim: Unlearn Body Fear



In my new business, I am using the tagline, Trust Your Body, Honor Your Spirit, Enjoy Your Life.  My grandmother spent the last part of HER 95-year life imploring me to enjoy mine, and I’ve set out to do just that.  The journey started from trusting my body, and it has blossomed into far more.

What is the opposite of trusting your body?  Fearing your body.  I say this to people and they scoff like, I’m not scared of my body, how stupid.  But you know, so many are on diets, and living in a rule-based, restrictive diet is a negative energy to exist in.  It’s trying to control.  It’s trying to force.  It is an attempt, in a sense, to “win” a “game” through which you and your body are locked in a competition for domination.

There is no reason to live that way.  Your body is a wonderful, miraculous place that you’ve been given.  You should strive to live in a state of agreement with your body and its needs.  As you know if you’ve followed this blog at all, I practice intermittent fasting and it has put me in alignment with my body’s need to fast, to feast, to move, to be cared for in specific ways.  It has made 100 things that were previously a struggle become intuitive and easy.

And in terms of disentangling from struggle:  a short note about internet support groups.  They are something I believe fiercely in for the information and support they provided in my early months and continue to present for others.  However, they can still be a mixed bag.  My husband Ryan and I run a Facebook group of nearly 7000 people, and it’s a wonderful resource, but one to use intentionally.  When you join these groups, you are able to see what other people are doing for inspiration, for ideas, for information.  All for free!  Our group is here:  Fasting, Feasting, FREEDOM with Kim & Ryan

After you’ve navigated around and picked up some foundational stuff, check in with yourself, do the ideas resonate, does it feel right.  IF not, THEN categorically reject. Care of your individual body isn’t an area for comparison or competition.  Like your body and your spirit, your journey is 100% unique.  When you release fear and listen to your body, it will tell and show you what it needs for optimal health.

Sometimes our human complexity makes us want to turn things into challenges, into games.  Games are fun, but I’m 100% sure our body is not a game.  It’s not something to fear, and it’s not something to conquer.  We can push and test our bodies (fasting itself is a good stress like exercise),  but in the end, our body is where we live and we need to collaborate with it. We will not win in a game against our body.  The body always wins.

So consider intermittent fasting for the powerful health practice that it is:  not a diet, not a game, not a conquest.  It is a way of living that helped me unlearn body fear, and now I live in a place of body trust.  Yes, it helped me achieve my weight and size goals, but the body trust is worth far more.  It’s a peaceful place to live from, and that is truly priceless.